正宗温州麻将 3.4.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money) DOWNLOADs

3.4.2 Mod APK Unlimited Money DOWNLOADs

正宗温州麻将 Mod Apk Card

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正宗温州麻将apk mod Description: 正宗温州麻将 3.4.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money) DOWNLOADs 游戏有四座,分别为东、南、西、北,第一盘门风东者为庄家,其余均为闲家,余下的按逆时针的方向来轮庄,如果庄家连庄则还是此位玩家为庄家,底数增加,如果庄家连庄4把之后,庄家得通过掷骰子重新确定。每人手里抓17张牌,通过吃牌、碰牌、杠牌等方式,牌按照游戏规则中的胡牌条件胡牌。更有温州味道,更地道,更专业!是温州地方游戏的经典作品!受到了很多玩家的喜爱。
There are four games in the game, namely East, South, West, and North. The first player in the door is the dealer, and the rest are players. The rest of the players rotate in a counterclockwise direction. The dealer’s base is increased. If the dealer has four consecutive dealers, the dealer has to re-determine by rolling the dice. Each player grabs 17 cards in his hand, and the cards are played according to the Hu card conditions in the game rules by eating cards, bumping cards, bumping cards, etc. More Wenzhou flavor, more authentic and more professional! It is a classic work of Wenzhou local game! Loved by many players.
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一 换牌道具和明牌道具改成时效性道具,看一次广告可以用30分钟。
二 一局游戏可以换3次牌。
谢谢大家的支持!欢迎大家继续提出意见! 正宗温州麻将 games screenshots and apk mod features:
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